Version of José Lopez (LOPEVITO) – Puerto Rico –
If you have children, or written something
now it is your turn to plant a tree.
Plant a tree, my dear friend,
make a better gift, to the planet.
If you live in the city, or in the countryside
plant it on a prairie, or on the edge of a lake
do it brother!, and then, when you plant
take care of it, like a newborn in a cradle.
If anyone tells you, the job is vain
don’t ever listen, don’t let it strain.

Perhaps, dig a well, can be hard
but, believe me, it will be grant.
Sprinkle it with faith, it will grow tall
protect and care, no one harms it
make it with passion, very careful
use a healthy bud, or good seeds.

Take a shovel, dig a well, and plant it!
Help to embellish the cut land.
Make a plot, surround it by grass,
and to let it grow firm, put it a stick.
Maybe, it can take long to grow, some years,
while, it can host to many birds
that a new day, might be announced.

Take the decision, and do it!
You will have the pleasure, to watch
what you have planted, in your hands,
you will see the goals, and the results.

You will help to filter the polluted air,
and the global warming, which makes harm
you will help to reduce the tough impact.
It will give a fresh shadow in the summer
and lay down when you are out of job.
When you rest under the branches.
And every fall your garden will look gold
and in the winter, firewood, will warm you.

In spring, its beauty will cover the meadow.
Perhaps, its fruits you may consume
or some of the flowers, you might cut
to decor the tomb of a loved one.
Its wood will be on your side, like partner
when you find yourself, in your own grave.

Watch it careful, like a lover
with the pleasure, you look a portrait
observe how it grows, step by step
and impress yourself, what you have done
soon your neighbors, will gather
and everyone will want to plant a tree.

If 5,000 millions of people
plant every year a tree
the air of the planet, never heats up.
We will help a thousands of flood
so their city, could never get drown.
The trees have lived before you
and the knowledge comes from the past
and will remain here, when you have gone.

My apologies for writing the poem so long
but, i want you to listen, i will tell you;
my environmental speech will be a winged verse
which surround the world, screaming,
i want to stop them, cutting forests
so the environment, won’t suffer so long
and the future of your children, can’t cry alone.

I want to see the poem become a song
for the international call to plant a tree.
Thanks José!

Vota por la ley de Bosques aquí:

Rubén Sada

Escritor de poesía en castellano, editor y redactor. Currículum, AQUÍ.

Rubén Sada escribió 1594 entradas

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