Calls to Plant a Tree (Version of Patricia Araya)

Calls to Plant a Tree

If you already have a son,
If already wrote anything
Now is time to plant a tree.
My dear brother grow you own tree
The planet Earth, will thank you
It will like a great gift for nature
No matter where you live,
Do it up town, or country land.
On the grasslands
On the edge of a river or lake
Do it Brother,
And soon take care it as baby in your laps
If any body want to say “no”
To your great endeavors
Just ignore it!

Could be, to dig the hole be a hard work
But believe me you will have your reward
Water it with faith, will be a tallest tree
Protected and care it by you
Make sure nobody will harm it
Do it with love, with tender care
Make sure come from a good seed
From a healthy outbreak
Those way will the tallest tree on earth

Take the shovel,
Built the well, just does it!
Put the tree on place
Surround it with a big cup
To quench it thirst for it
Tie in a straight post
Help to beauty a dry land
Bring the color green to your eyes
Before you know it
Will be the birds nesting’s house
Singing to all of us
A beautiful new day is starting

Blow a decision, make now
All the hard work will be reward it
Made this work with your own hands
Your achievement wills outcomes

Clean air instead contaminated one
The more you know the better
Help do not to over heat the planet
Thing about it

In winter for your chimney, fire wood
A delicious shade under your tree napping
Or eating fresh fruits in a hot summer
Your gardens of golden colors falling
Flower cutting in a next spring is coming.

Version of: Patricia M. Araya
Thank you very much Patricia!


Request of the author:
I ask the people or poets “bilingues” that reads
this work and wishes to help, that they return it re-to publish
in other sites, previously translating it
to another language in addition to the Castilian.
This poem I will publish it in about 25 sites
in that I write, but I would like that
the readers copy it and re-they publish it
in all the sites in which it is possible.
It would wish that they do its version translated in
all the languages of the Planet, so that
thus this call can give return to the world,
and the people dén is counted of the importance
of planting a tree, and avoiding that the forests
they are continued destroying in indiscriminate form.

It votes here by the law of Forests:

Rubén Sada

Escritor de poesía en castellano, editor y redactor. Currículum, AQUÍ.

Rubén Sada escribió 1594 entradas

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